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  • No because I love to play battlefield and GTA and in this community I will be able to find other people that like to play them as well. Eric No Arma 3, h1z1, company of heros 2, csgo

I'm 19 and I live in a small town in texas. Full time college student and worker.

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Everything looks good so far. Chatted a bit on TS. As long as we continue to see you on TeamSpeak and in servers, no doubt we'll proceed with application quickly.

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The GTAV group is kinda ded, but activity will probably pick up once new missions/heists are released.


I would still be playing GTA 5 if Diablo 3 didn't suck me back in, the most recent patches have been great

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The guy is younger than me! Woohoo!!! I might finally be considered like an old and respectable person!

Hotter too



You mean you already stalked his Facebook account?

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