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New Application from BlackMesaSouth

  • No ATR seems to run a number of well maintained servers and I've never seen any of the members be anything other than decent and helpful players. Jacob Jernigan Yes Central US BlackMesaSouth BlackMesaSouth I play ARMA3 and Company of Heroes of 2 with a small group of friends fairly often. Edge Gamers Organization (TF2) and Phoenix Squadron (Planetside 2) I am no longer with this groups. I left Edge after the leadership changed and became very pushy about people populating servers at all hours rather than playing the game and having fun. I stopped playing with Phoenix when I stopped playing Planetside 2.

I am a small business owner that likes to play video games when I get some free time to unwind a bit from the day.

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Thanks for your application, just continue to hang out in our TeamSpeak and get to know the guys and the Battlefield Council will send out an invite. 


I also see you have GTA in your profile, we normally play some organized missions, races, etc on Thursday nights. Just look for @Lyntha in TeamSpeak on Thursdays.


How is the ARMA 3 community, I've seen binaries available for a Linux Server, but I've never played the game.

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As for the A3 community we mostly play Exile and similar mods so I can't say how good of a reflection that is. It is mostly your group versus the world because there isn't much of an incentive to work together. The game itself is a lot of fun and a nice change of pace from more fast paced games like BF. It isn't unusual to spend the better part of an hour planning and preparing for an "operation" and it makes for an interesting gaming experience.

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