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  • No I'm a very tactical player and love playing BF4, RB6 Siege, and squad. I have played with multiple clan members and have joined the teamspeak and always have an awesome time. I really love playing with friends on games and think that ATR would just make all games I play more enjoyable. ClutchKing02 No Central Timezone SnipeR, skulls ClutchKing02 ClutchKing02 Squad, CSGO, Rainbow 6 Siege, and many others None never been in one

I'm a 13 year old male, I like video games, playing piano, card tricks, and music. In august 2015 I was Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I have been in remission since Christmas time and have really gotten in to PC gaming. I had 4 1/2 rounds of Chemotherapy, They were long and strong doses. I haven't been to school in a while because of it, so when I play games and play with people, it's nice to talk to people who like gaming like me and have other similarities.

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We appreciate the application, however our group has a minimum age requirement of 18 to join the group. We occasionally make exceptions for individuals that are at least close to 18, but as a 13 year old you are far too young. Our Teamspeak also has a age requirement of being at least 16, so be aware if someone complains you'll probably be booted off of it.


So I have to deny your application for membership. You are more than welcome to continue playing on our servers though.

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