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New Application from Colonel Tanders

Colonel Tanders
  • No I'd like to join a group that isn't just a bunch of 12-year old's yelling how they ****ed my mom or whining because they can't grasp a concept. Colton Allen No EST Coltan375 Coltan375_TV Coltan375 Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes & Generals, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3, Just Cause 2 & 3, Terraria, Trove 70th ID Day of Defeat Source Realism Unit Not any longer. They had commitments and strict rules that wouldn't let me do much else with other friends.

I'm a new BF4 player. I bought it since it was dirt cheap on sale. In the few hours I've played it, it's been fun, albeit at times it was obnoxious with cheaters. I'm a CS:GO nerd, so if I ever complain that "this isn't how it is", or "This isn't CS:GO, kindly remind me that it is in fact NOT CS:GO.

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Under 18, application will be pending while we evaluate if he will be mature and spend time on TS or not.

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Great guy. Was playing some BF4 with him tonight. He's a fun guy and a good guy to be around. He seems mature enough.

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