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New Application from morbe77

  • No I enjoy online gaming and get frustration with the inconsistencies of gaming friends that come and go and would like more consistency. I have been in the TeamSpeak Channel and every one always seems very friendly and mature. morbe77 Yes Central Negociator95 morbe77 morbe77 N/A N/A morbe77 N/A N/A N/A H1Z1, Left 4 Dead, Empire Total War, Lego Worlds, CSGO, The Division, Arma 3 and Clash Royal Admin-USMC Clan - Battlefield 2
    Non Active-My ANiME - Steam Community
    elder-Mandingos - Clash Royal Clan
    USMC Clan - No - Original Clan was disbanded
    My ANiMe -No- Just signed up for the free give aways
    Mandingos - Yes -

Older gamer, been gaming since. Atari 2600. first online game play was with the Original Unreal Tournament. Served in the Marines from '96-'01. I work as an Information Systems Administrator.
I have been called the Song Bird of our Generation.
I also have very good Guitar Skills.

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