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New Application from RubberDuckies24

  • No I've played on the server for a while and I've had an extreme amount of fun, I really enjoy the player base. People are very nice and funny. RubberDuckies24 (Alex) No Central Time (Chicago) RubberDuckies24 RubberDuckies24 RubberDuckies24 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Garry's Mod I am currently an admin on a Garry's Mod server. The server's name is Valence Roleplay. I am still with them, the owner's name on Steam is [VRP] Dr. Professor if you wanted to ask about my work/play ethic.

My first name is Alex and I am 15 years old. I love playing Battlefield and I've always wanted to be an admin for a server on my favorite game.

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