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New Application from Saber1White

  • No I've interacted with a few of ATR's people, and they seem laid back w/no drama. Also, there's no tolerance for cheaters/hackers. I LIKE THAT. Erik Gray Yes EST Saber-1-White ESO, LOTRO a couple in ESO and in LOTRO Still with them as far as I know.

I live in DC, work for the Fed, former Army (82d Airborne), play BF4, some ESO.

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Hello there! Thank you for the application. Be sure to spend some time on TeamSpeak and get to know us. BF4 is most busy on our TS on tuesdays/thursdays but there are people always on. Lot of the BF4 peeps are now spending some time playing ARK or Minecraft from time to time.


Hope to see you on!


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@Saber1White I see you haven't been on our TeamSpeak since 2/8, and not on forums since 2/12. Were you still interested in becoming a member or should we remove this application?


If you are, please hang out on TS and get to know people!

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