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New Application from shamama

  • No I havea great sense of humor, and always willing to help out. I also host alot of pvp premade events and am more than willing to allow guildies into them. Doug Yes Est 3-00 Shamama Black Jesus x Retrospect , all that remains(anetheron) Switched to horde.

Hi, im a big multi class skilled pvper for the most part. I have achieved Hero of the alliance on every class making me one of the best Rated battleground players in the Us. Aside from that i haventdone much raiding in the last 2 expansions. During Wotlk was the last time I raided hardcore. My guild completed ICC Heroic 25 man with the 15% buff, which to me is a pretty big achievment, or was at the time. I'm looking to hopefully get back into raiding this season.

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