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New Application from Sick1

  • No I looking for a group of players that want to win not kd ratio junkies. I want to win every match. Anthony Ray Troutman Yes E.S.T bobey6 ciqone1969 none NWHP yes but they just started 6 months ago and its not very organized they have split up once already dfa gaming its ok but to many ideas no doers

Ive been gaming since pong Im 47 years old I do computer IT work. Im new to PC gaming BF4 is my first real commitment to PC gaming yes im a console guy I sold them all built me a gaming ITX bad little box.

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Everything looks in order, welcome to the world of PC Gaming. I know Overwatch has been eating up a lot of the Communities time but hopefully we can get some of the Battlefeild guys to review your application.


If you could just hang out in Teamspeak and get to know the guys we can process this application quicker. Let me know if you have any questions.


@HappyUnholy @RoomBroom2010 @skulls @asmith19323 @COLMAC

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