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New Application from silencer12

  • No I don't know or think if ATR gamers would be a good fit for me. That is not my decision. That is the decision of the clan.

    HappyGotLucky and other U-rock members told me I should join after U-Rock had a falling out last year or so. Half of the members left the clan. A third of that half joined ATR. Meanwhile, I came back to U-Rock only to learn a month ago that the clan leader is shutting down the clan website and the clan itself.

    I have played with Gump, Goose and Varibash about about 6 years ago in the Battlefield game series. I was the team medic that continued to revive the squad.

    If I am not accepted into ATR, I hope that you will continue to allow me to play with your members in Battlefield game series on your Teamspeak channel. Bradley Yes east coast Unholyfaith silencer -DT- Isenhart majinsnake I have an account in WoW, but I do not continue to play it. It is expensive.

    The elder scrolls: Skyrim

    I have about 150 games on Steam. AgenT|, U-Rock, NWR, }NsR{, -DT-, [LTK] I am associated with NsR. It is only a community full of gamers. Not a serious clan or competitive group. The rest of the clans fell through or do not operate anymore. I keep the -DT- on my name as a reminder of my time spent in it and the friends I met that were in it.

My name is Bradley. I majored in Information Technology with an Associate's degree. I have been gaming online since Doom in 1997. I am 32. I work at a help-desk position. I am pursuing certificates in my field. I have my CompTIA A+ certification. I am currently studying for the CompTIA Healthcare Technician certificate.

I have played games with some of your members for sixteen years now because I met them through TFC (TeamFortressClassic). They were in a clan called H-18 (Hangar 18) on a server called Area51live.com. My clan at the time was called AgenT|.Those members names that were in H-18 are Gump (Along with Mrs Gumpy and their kids) and Goose that are in ATR. Their might be other members, but i do not know. Over the years, those members have played in various games and clans to which I was around with them.

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